Professional Diploma Programs

Professional Diploma In Public Relations & Advertising

  • Diploma or Degree Holder
  • Minimum 3 years working experience for Non-Degree or Non-Diploma candidates

  • 1 Time Payment (5% Discount) = 285 USD
  • 2 Times Payment = 150 + 150 USD

  • MDs and CEOs
  • Directors
  • Business Owner
  • Sales & Marketing Manager
  • PR Manager
  • PR Officers
  • Marketing Officers

Professional Diploma in Public Relations & Advertising (Awarded by London Business University)


This Program is designed to provide students to achieve the following goals:

  • Enhance skills in the field of public relations, advertising, brand communication, marketing communication, persuasive communication, communication management, corporate communications
  • Develop and apply methods and techniques about stakeholders’ appropriate communication strategy, taking into account differences in needs or developments
  • Improve management skills in risk, issue and crisis with collaborative role for public relations
  • Understand the link of public relations and corporate social responsibility.

Course Delivery Mode



  • 10 Credits


  1. The context of public relations
    1. What is public relations?
    2. Public relations and communications
    3. Public relations, politics and the media
    4. Public relations and management
    5. Ethics, professionalism and regulation
  2. Strategic public relations
    1. Public relations and corporate communication
    2. Public relations and corporate identity
    3. Risk, issues and crisis management: a collaborative role for public relations
    4. Public relations and corporate social responsibility
    5. Measurement and evaluation
    6. The public relations of globalization
  3. Stakeholder public relations
    1. Media relations in the social media age
    2. Internal communications
    3. Financial communications
    4. Public sector public relations
    5. Consumer public relations
    6. Business-to-business public relations
    7. Public relations and engagement in the not-for-profit sector
    8. Using new technology effectively in public relations
    9. Activism and public relations
  4. Shaping the future
    1. Future challenges for PR

Assessment Type

Examination (via Online)

Academic Progression to MBA Programs

Professional Diploma Students will have their credits (10) and fee (paid) carried to any MBA (or) MPM Programs in London Business University with direct exemption of studied subjects.

Student Benefits from LBU

Learn from Highly Experienced International Lecturers holding PhD Degrees.

Internationally recognized for further studies and employment around the world.

Study World Class UK, EU and Singapore Qualifications with flexible cost while stay-at-home without spending living expenses.

Learn with Hybrid Virtual Classroom via online or classroom learning.

95 % of LBU Graduates are in Employment or Further Study within 6 months after successful Graduation.

96.5 % of UOC Graduates are in Employment or Further Study within 6 months after successful Graduation.

Your visa will be considered as high priority after successful graduation from UoC Degree Programs (according to the rules and policy of the UK government).

Students may attend Graduation Ceremony in UK, EU or Relevant Countries according to their Degrees (expense incurred by the student).

Eligible students are able to apply for MRCCI Membership, BCCM Membership and CPD Hours from MEC.

Student can purchase Exclusive British Chamber of Commerce Student Package and can register for General Assessment Record for promoting career opportunities. (Application Fees may apply)

LBU will provide students with Official Private emails with LBU education domain (example –, so that students can study with full privacy and can access Global Education Benefits by using LBU education email.

LBU students will have license version access to 26 Microsoft Applications including word, power point, excel, project, etc., powered by Microsoft.

LBU will provide students Cloud Storage start from 50 GB to 5000 GB based on individual need for educational purposes.

Access to LBU E-Library.

Flexible & Secure Payment via Visa, Master Cards and Bank Transfer.

Professional Diploma Students will have their credit and fee carried to MBA Programs with direct exemption of studied subjects.


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