Certificate Programs

International Certificate in Supply Chain Management

International Certificate in Supply Chain Management (Awarded by London Business University)

Suitable for candidates who hold a Diploma or Degree (or) 1 year minimum experience in project management field. 



  • This course develops basic competencies and skills in supply chain management to understand the need for supply chain management and the difference to logistics.
  • The course aims to  learn about international supply chain structures and their challenges, get to know the value of data and how to monitor and manage data, experience ways to raise sustainability within supply chain and get to know professional opportunities.
  • After this course, this knowledge can enhance your career opportunities and improve your ability to make strategic decisions for your operation.

CourseDelivery Mode 

  • LBU International 


  • Introduction to Supply Chain
  • Inventory and Uncertainties
  • Forms of Inventory, Risk & Risk Management
  • Information Management
  • Value of data and information, electronic linking, ordering processes, the bullwhip effect, information sharing, basics of decision making, coordinating supply chain: sales & operations planning
  • Supply chain Integration & Distribution
  • Push, pull, push-pull systems, demand driven strategies, lead-times, internet in SCs
  • Green supply chains (Closed-Loop Supply Chains)
  • End-of-life concepts: Reuse, Recycling, Re-manufacturing. Advantages and Issues

Assessment Type

  • Exam

Student Benefits from LBU

  1. Learn from Highly Experienced International Lecturers holding PhD Degrees.
  2. Internationally recognized for further studies and employment around the world.
  3. Study World Class UK, EU and Singapore Qualifications with flexible cost while stay-at-home without spending living expenses.
  4. Learn with Hybrid Virtual Classroom via online or classroom learning.
  5. 95 % of LBU Graduates are in Employment or Further Study within 6 months after successful Graduation.
  6. 96.5 % of UOC Graduates are in Employment or Further Study within 6 months after successful Graduation.
  7. Your visa will be considered as high priority after successful graduation from UoC Degree Programs (according to the rules and policy of the UK government).
  8. Students may attend Graduation Ceremony in UK, EU or Relevant Countries according to their Degrees (expense incurred by the student).
  9. Eligible students are able to apply for MRCCI Membership, BCCM Membership and CPD Hours from MEC.
  10. Student can purchase Exclusive British Chamber of Commerce Student Package and can register for General Assessment Record for promoting career opportunities. (Application Fees may apply)
  11. LBU will provide students with Official Private emails with LBU education domain (example – steve.student@lbu.edu.mm), so that students can study with full privacy and can access Global Education Benefits by using LBU education email.
  12. LBU students will have license version access to 26 Microsoft Applications including word, power point, excel, project, etc., powered by Microsoft.
  13. LBU will provide students Cloud Storage start from 50 GB to 5000 GB based on individual need for educational purposes.
  14. Access to LBU E-Library.
  15. Flexible & Secure Payment via Visa, Master Cards and Bank Transfer.
  16. Professional Diploma Students will have their credit and fee carried to MBA Programs with direct exemption of studied subjects.


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