MBA in Project Management (Cyprus Institute of Marketing, Europe)

This Program is designed to provide students to achieve the following goals: • Provide you with a broad understanding of project management • Provide combination of knowledge and practical approaches. • Promote increased managerial effectiveness and to perform projects in both conceptual and practical skills. • Enrich your personal development and managerial prospects by encouraging learning from your past experiences and current needs, while prompting you to speculate about the future prospects of your professional skills of project management sector. • The course material has been carefully crafted to deliver enriching educational experiences.

Course Structure

1.     Organizational Behavior

2.     Business Policy and Strategy

3.     Research Methods

4.     Project Administration

5.     Operations Management

6.     Project Planning Control

7.     Project Assessment

8.     Financial Management

9.   Construction Management

Assetment Type

Exam/ Assignment/ Presentation

Entry Requirement

·       Bachelor Degree in related subject


·       UK level 6 diploma or an equivalent overseas qualification


·  Mature learner (over 21) with 3 years’ minimum as project experience

IELTS 6.5 or equivalent certificate of English language competency

Course Duration

12 Months (1 Year)